• Writings:
    1. English Usage, Style & Composition
    2. Common Errors in English Usage
    3. Guide to Grammar and Style
    4. Passive voice and the word "I"
    5. Seven Steps to Better Presentations
    6. Edward Tufte’s Presentation Tips
  • Readings:
    1. Learning Plannable Representations with Causal InfoGAN, NIPS 2018
    2. Transfer of Deep Reactive Policies for MDP Planning, NIPS 2018
    3. From Stochastic Planning to Marginal MAP, NIPS 2018
    4. Adaptive Path-Integral Autoencoders: Representation Learning and Planning for Dynamical Systems, NIPS 2018
    5. Differentiable MPC for End-to-end Planning and Control, NIPS 2018
    6. Gated Path Planning Networks. ICML 2018. [abs] [Download PDF][Supplementary PDF]
    7. Universal Planning Networks: Learning Generalizable Representations for Visuomotor Control. ICML 2018. [abs] [Download PDF][Supplementary PDF]
    8. Hierarchical Text Generation and Planning for Strategic Dialogue. ICML 2018. [abs] [Download PDF]
    9. A Robust Approach to Sequential Information Theoretic Planning. ICML 2018. [abs] [Download PDF][Supplementary PDF]