• Planning Domain Engine:

  • Executable:

    Python package: [link:plantool_python2.7]

  • Python package install instruction:

    -extract file
    tar -xzvf plantool.tar.gz

    -install setuptools:
    pip install setuptools / sudo apt-get install setuptools

    -install plantool package:
    python setup.py install

  • GUI instruction:

    -extract file
    tar -xzvf plantool.tar.gz

    -run GUI
    ./planner or double/click the icon named "planner"

    -choose the corresponding planner in the GUI window for planning.

    -set the corresponding parameters of the planner, choose domain file and problem file. Then push Run Button to execute planning, the planning result will be given in the right text panel or output to specific file defined in "Output File Name" .